Connolly Vaults Redevelopment Works, Connolly Station, Dublin

Project Description:

Connolly Vaults Redevelopment Works Fit out of 1,400m2 of Connolly Vaults to provide office space and occupational health facilities within the existing building structure.

The development relates to the use of an existing unit as a Medical Centre by Irish Rail for their employees. The unit is within an existing building known as Connolly Vaults which is a protected structure. The unit was unoccupied and was formerly is use as a pub/bar facility. The unit will be used as a Medical Centre/Doctors Surgery by Irish Rail. Internally the unit contains four Doctors Rooms and associated Nurses Rooms. Other medical related rooms are an ECG and Eye Room and Hearing Rooms. Staff facilities include offices, a meeting room and kitchen/canteen.

The unit is also accessed from the enclosed walkway linking Amiens Street and Harbourmaster Place. This was formerly an entrance/exit route from the unit and is being retained as an exit route.